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Justice for Immigrants Campaign

The Justice for Immigrants Campaign aims to win legislation guaranteeing driver's licenses for all Rhode Islanders, regardless of documentation status, as driving without a license is one of the primary offenses that leads to detention and eventual deportation. This campaign operates with the recognition that, at the root of many of the problems facing immigrant workers is our failing federal immigration policy. Leaders of the campaign work with local and national partners to support comprehensive immigration reform.

Campaign Achievements

  • Through our work with several RI-based worker and immigrant rights groups in the We Are All Arizona (Todos Somos Arizona) coalition, we won two structural change commitments from RI decision-makers in 2014: 

    • At Fuerza Laboral’s gubernatorial forum, all three Democratic candidates for Governor of RI committed that upon entering office they will issue Executive Orders to allow undocumented state residents to obtain driver’s licenses and end the practice of honoring ICE holds, which facilitate deportation. 
    • Shortly after we secured this commitment from the Democratic candidates, the current Governor announced an Executive Order to end ICE holds in RI. Our three-year Justice for Immigrants Campaign was in large part responsible for this victory.
  • Fuerza was RI's lead coordinating organization for the March on Washington on March 21, 2010 for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We led fundraising efforts to pay for transportation and coordinated travel and march logistics for over 250 marchers from Rhode Island.