For the second year in a row, the Injured Workers Committee of Fuerza Laboral is pleased to host Chief Judge George Healy of the RI Workers' Compensation Court to conduct a three-session training for all workers on their rights when they are injured on the job or have work-related health problems. 

The first session on September 27 focused on workers' rights to legal representation and navigating the judicial process. A special focus of this session was what legal resources are available to workers who are fired for getting injured or after pursuing workers' compensation cases. 

In the second session on October 18, workers learned about their rights to medical attention when they are injured on the job, including the right to see doctors and specialists, the right to paid medication, and the right to any type of therapy or surgery, to be paid for by the insurance of their employer. We also talked about the changes we need to the workers' compensation system so that we can all have quick and easy access to medical attention.

The third session, on Saturday, December 13 from 10am-12pm in Fuerza's offices, will cover the services available to injured workers. All are welcome to participate!

The second session of the Injured Workers Committee's training with Chief Judge George Healy of the RI Workers' Compensation Court, on Saturday, October 18

The graduates of the 2013 Workers' Compensation training with their diplomas